Marathon Part. 1

Matt Chandler | June 08, 2015

As we kick off this 5-Day series, the first thing we have to realize is that although we love the stories of the miraculous, the sudden, and the overnight, our life of ministry is much more likely to resemble a marathon.

Success, like change, will not come over night. For some, this is reason enough not to even begin. But for those of us who feel called to leverage our lives for the local church, who show up early and leave late, who have spent time on our knees in prayer begging the Father for direction, we know that the marathon is worth it. If you want to see real Gospel-centered change in your family, church, community, or city, you have to be willing to commit. At Catalyst, our hope is that you realize you are not alone, that there are people all over the world giving their days, months, and years away for the sake of advancing the Church.

God is with you, God is for you, don't give up.



This is part 1 of a 5-day series from Matt Chandler on a life spent in ministry available here and on the Catalyst App. Continue to Part 2.  

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