Love Your Calling: Part Three

Jud Wilhite | September 02, 2015

“God literally saved my life through the Church.”

Yes, the Church is messy. Yes, it’s full of people with drama, layers, and problems, and yet we don’t have to be just the problem. We can be a part of the solution IF we are willing to love our church once again. We have to learn to love our church, not the one we wish we had.

We don’t know where you are coming from, or what your church is like, but we know the story of Hosea, and the same God who told him to love his imperfect wife again, is calling you to love your church again.

“If you love God, you need to love what God loves. God loves the Church… and if you don’t love the Church, you lose the right to critique it, and make it better.”

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