A Conversation with Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope

A common pattern in the life of Jesus was how His compassion led Him to heal physical pains before He mended spiritual brokenness. He did not view His work of restoration purely as a rescuing of the inner life. He viewed hurting people as whole beings in need of healing in real, physical ways as well as spiritual. We should do the same.

If we spend our days in the ministry trenches structuring our work around only addressing spiritual matters through improving our teaching and worship, then we are missing out on the other half of hope. 

Your church and your city are made of hurting people in need of practical help. And if compassion towards physical realities was a hallmark of the leadership of Jesus, then it should be what the Church is known for as well. 

One of our favorite ways we seek to invest in the leader who loves the Church is by connecting them with partners we fully believe in. And one of those partners is Convoy of Hope. 

Last year we were able to sit down with Convoy of Hope to hear how their team has spent the last 25 years mobilizing the Church to be the hero to hurting people across the globe. 

If you are looking for ways to empower your team to help others experience freedom from poverty, disease, and hunger, then watch the video above to hear how you can connect with a team who is fighting to end suffering through the gift of hope. 

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