When You Feel Like a Fraud

Rebecca Hastings | July 09, 2018

There are times I step up to lead, be it in front of a room or on the page, and I wonder if people can see through me. Even in all of my efforts to be transparent and real there are things that make me doubt my ability, my call, and my very right to be leading.

Here are 3 truths to hold onto when you feel like a fraud.

1. We’re all frauds. I know that doesn’t sound like the best place to start, but on our own we are never going to be equipped enough, strong enough, smart enough. The good news is we are never on our own.

God takes whatever we have to offer and fills in all the gaps.

2. It’s not about us. People don’t need a celebrity. They need a leader to show up, show them God and say, “come with me.” It’s really that simple.

Whether we sit across from a friend doing a bible study or on a stage before thousands, leading people in their faith is never about us. When we remember this we can let go of our need to impress and feel the freedom of a kid on the playground saying, “Hey, look at that slide. It’s awesome! Come with me!”

Then we all enjoy the ride!

3. Use your armor. When you’re focused on the thing right in front of you it’s easy to lose sight of the battle all around. As leaders, Satan loves to sideline us. And he will do it any way he can, especially with sneaky things like doubt and insecurity.

There is good news to be had here!

First, it means you are in the fight. You are doing something Satan wants to put an end to. You are doing something for God.

Second, God equips us to handle the battle. He’s got an armor ready just for you. You need only put it on. Read more in Ephesians 6:10-18.

Finally, you’re on the winning team. Every time you step out to lead you can do so knowing that God is fighting for you, and He is the victor forever and ever. You never have to fear your ability because God prepares you, equips you, and fights for you.

The next time you step out to lead, remember these 3 things and walk out in renewed confidence that you are exactly where you are supposed to be!

Rebecca Hastings is a writer, truth-teller, faith-seeker, lover of words and people. A mix of head and heart writing her way through it all. A wife and mom in Connecticut, her book, Worthy: Believe Who God Says You Are, is available on Amazon. You can read more from Rebecca at My Ink Dance.

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