31 Life-Giving Actions

Tyler Reagin | July 17, 2018

Tyler Reagin, President of Catalyst, would love to offer you a remarkably practical resource to help you steward your influence. “31 Life-Giving Actions” consists of fun and creative ways to encourage the people around you. 


About The Life-Giving Leader

Whether you’re at the top of the organization chart or just getting started, one of the greatest mistakes you can make as a leader is to try to be someone else. All too often, leaders set out to emulate their heroes, but end up eclipsing their own unique, God-given identities in the process.

The best thing for your development and for the development of your people is to lead from your truest self. God has uniquely created you with specific talents, and He divinely calls you to lead from these particular strengths.

Catalyst president and certified leadership coach Tyler Reagin provides personal stories, counterintuitive insights, and clear biblical teaching to transform you into a Life-Giving Leader (LGL). Become more self-aware, self-accepting, healthy, and self-confident. Create a vibrant organization and cultivate a life-giving team. Build an eternal legacy based on authenticity and humility.

This is your invitation and initiation into a new way to lead—one that will infuse you, your team, and your organization with God’s abundant creativity, grace, and resilience.


To learn more about his book, The Life-Giving Leader,  or to download the first chapter for free, click here

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