The Heart Behind ‘of good courage’

Tyler Reagin | September 22, 2017

Dear Catalyst Leader,

It’s been an eventful year, to say the least. Rarely does a day go by when we’re not inundated by news of a natural disaster, violent protest, or political hot topic. The world is creating noise at unprecedented levels.

In the midst of all this noise, I often pause to think about us, the Church. I pause to consider what Jesus said about the Church - that the gates of hell would not prevail against it.

I’m not here to dive into an exegesis about what that means. Rather, I’m here to share my heart as a fellow servant leader in the body of Christ, and the simple fact is that while the world around us seems to be as chaotic as a hurricane, the Church will stand. We’re called to be of good courage, and Jesus says, “Take heart! I have overcome the world.”

As you know, courage is a concept that brings immediate pictures to mind. When we picture courage, we think of Superman, Wonder Woman, William Wallace, or Martin Luther King, and most of us say, “That's just not me."  

But, what if being courageous is different than being a hero? What if courage is less about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and more about surrender, obedience, and faithfulness?

What if the root of courage is the fact that God has gone before us and will be with us every step of the way? “Do not be afraid” is the most repeated commandment in the Bible, and in almost every occurrence, the command is followed by the promise that God is with us.

At Catalyst, we define “good courage” as walking in obedience into things that may not make sense, because God is with us and has promised to light our path. 

Good courage is a quiet confidence that is wired into our identity because of what Christ has done for us. 

Good courage bubbles to the surface as we decide to live by faith and put our trust in He who is able to do more than we could ever ask or imagine.  

As leaders, our journeys vary. In this season, some of you may need the courage to go, while others need the courage to stay the course. The good courage that spurs us to pioneer and take new ground has the same power to strengthen our resolve to remain steadfast in what God has called us to, even when our circumstance is screaming at us to get out.

This year at Catalyst, we are answering the call to be of good courage by exploring, learning, and worshiping together. It is no secret that our culture is in dire need of a courageous Church. As leaders, we must lead the way in word and deed.

On October 5-6, we’ll be gathering in Atlanta to worship, learn, and meet with God together. 

The team has been innovating at an unbelievable speed. We’ve assembled a lineup of amazing speakers who will give you key insights into growing as a leader. Worship will be powerful, refreshing, and unrushed. We’ve also planned amazing team-building activities and plenty of opportunities for you to meet other leaders, find creative space, and have fun.

We’ve worked hard to pack this much value, fun, and (to be frank) obsession into Catalyst Atlanta. Our mission is to make it possible for you to thrive right where you’re planted, and we’re bringing you the best we can so that you leave Catalyst equipped and inspired.

I wonder who will miss out if you don’t fulfill your potential? Your church? Your community? Your family? You?

You’re invited to join us in Atlanta on October 5-6. Let’s lean in to good courage … together.


Tyler Reagin
President, Catalyst

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