The Challenge of Risk

Mackenzie Prus

There’s a time of reflection in most Christ-Followers' lives when we recognize that our time on earth is but a drop of rain in the middle of a hurricane. Overwhelming really when we realize that what we’re called to do and the time we’re given to accomplish it doesn’t seem like a ratio of very fair proportions. How on earth (literally) do we take such little time we’ve been given here and impact a huge world in-order-to further the Kingdom of God?

For starters, you can’t be a world changer if you aren’t a risk taker. No one ever got anywhere by playing life safe. No one started a company, moved out-of-town, changed careers mid-stride, or went on a first- date without taking a risk. Chances are, even if you’re the safest player around, you’ve taken a few risks your lifetime. Risks are scary. Sometimes they don’t end the way we hope. Sometimes we fail miserably. (Raising my hand, anyone else?)  Lucky for us we’re given chance after chance to accomplish God’s will. His mercies are new every morning!

Here’s the catch. God doesn’t want us to sit around in our first-world lives, being all cozy, drinking our coffee, never moving from our comfort zones. He tells us to GO. Go into the world and preach the beautiful truth that saves souls from the clutches of evil. I’m sure Paul could’ve complained about his jail-cell discomfort and called it all quits. But in fairness, God never promises comfort or happiness in this lifetime.

I can hear you on the other side of this rolling your eyes so hard. “ I can’t just move to Africa or go adopt a starving child or house the local, homeless guy .”  Slow down. Hear me out. You can start being a world-changer by simply taking a little more risk. Like I said, you’ve taken risks already. Chances are you already lead or serve in some capacity. Why stop there? Imperfect progress is better than no progress at all. There is no perimeter to where we’re supposed to shine.  Go into your cubicle, your hospital floor, your classroom. Go into your mommy-group and playdates. Go into your golf scramble and bunco parties and be the willing example and leader of the Gospel that your friends, neighbors, and family who may never walk into a church building will see. Fellow Christians will be refreshed and encouraged by your actions. Be bold. Not just within the church walls. But within the world.

Are you a leader by trade? A missionary, a volunteer, a public servant or figure?  Risks are your routine. Don’t forget compassion for the simple work while sustaining desire for the vast. The Father has equipped you for mighty work. He will sustain you in your servitude and in your pain. He will guide you in your uncertainty. He will flourish your talents for His glory. The world needs great-big risk takers and small-risk takers alike. 

Will you be the light in a dark place? Will you take the risk?   

Here’s a few steps to help encourage and guide you as you move forward in your walk with Christ.

1) Seek first the Kingdom.

Ask God to show you His will for your life. Sometimes we don’t like it or even want it.

2) Meditate.

Spend quality time in meditation or fasting with the God. If giving up food isn’t plausible right now, maybe some apps can take a backseat.

3) Wise Counsel.

Consulting with those wiser than us is necessary for maturation. Seek constructive criticism from elders. Growth hurts.

4) GO.

Without risk there can be no reward. Put on the armor. Be bold. No one ever laid on their deathbed wishing they hadn’t taken more adventures. Say yes to God’s next steps for you. Who knows, your risk might just change your church, community or even the world.

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