Give it a Little Longer

Adria King | July 20, 2018


A word that is counterculture. A word that when spoken usually prompts frustration. The world moves faster than our feet can run. New trends, new apps, new laws, new places, etc. We can barely keep up when we are trying to, to slow down seems like a suicide mission. We believe that to wait is to ensure ourselves of staring face to face with one of our fears– to be left behind.

In the midst of an ever-changing world, there are few who maintain the ability to experience the posture of waiting. We post, we go, we blog, we speak, all with the intentions to leverage what we have for the kingdom. However, moving too fast in our doing has become a playground for the enemy to twist our motives. We are moving so quickly that we are blinded to the fact he has even shown up on the scene.

What was once for the benefit of others and the glory of the Lord has now become a self-centered mission with the focus only being for ourselves to be the beneficiaries of the praise.


It is the pause. It is taking a step back before taking a step in. It is a heart check. It is the time frame that allows our flesh to be put to death, fully to death. If we move too quickly we let our flesh be left in a state that, if we wanted too we could resuscitate it.

Social media and the internet were created for connection but have instead become tools we use for affirmation. When we can post everything we are doing, the heavenly concept of the secret place and the unseen become harder and harder to adopt. We think Christians are the last people we could expect to be egocentric. Sadly, that is not the case. We can use the mission of God as a platform for ourselves. It is happening more and more. Followers of Jesus have found themselves operating out of the flesh instead of walking with the Spirit. What scares me is that most of the time we don’t even realize it.

Our flesh needs that extra time to run out of breath, it needs more time to be put fully to death. We cannot let it have even the slightest chance of being revived. The world needs more of Jesus and less of us. We have to start making our way back to the purity of wanting to serve the Lord. The beautiful thing is that the answer is wrapped up in something that requires us to actually do the opposite of moving. You see, we don’t need to move, we need to wait.

Waiting is a mindset that serves as a barrier of protection to our motives and desires. Waiting slows us down and realigns our thoughts. Waiting lets us regain our balance after becoming dizzy from a spinning world. Waiting tunes our ears back in to hear coherently instead of just the white noise.

Waiting will not make you be left behind. It is not about how much distance you cover but how deep you can dig. Waiting lets you go deeper while everyone else runs on ahead thinking they are gaining more but are really running out of breath.

We wait because Jesus waited.

“Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.” John 2:4

“Therefore Jesus told them, "My time is not yet here...” John 7:6

What if by stopping we actually accomplish more than going? What if by being still we please the Lord more than by our moving? What if by not speaking we say more?

When we wait the awe and wonder of who Jesus is rekindled. When we wait the awareness that He invites us to be a part of the story leaves us wide-eyed and mystified. When we wait the story of the gospel becomes something that puts on our knees, not just lacing up our tennis shoes.

We need to slow down long enough to look Him in the eyes, listen to what He has to say, and then go. 

Adria King is a recent college graduate moving into full time student ministry. She is a lover of all things traveling, tennis shoes, and Justin Bieber. You can keep up with her writing at or by following her on Instagram @adriaking.

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