Catalyst Track: Trustworthy Leaders // Day One - Know Your People

Matt Walker

This 4-day track originates from the article “8 Surefire Ways to Build Trust with Your Team Today” by Matt Walker.


As leaders, one of our greatest assets is the ability to be trusted by our team. Trust is hard to gain. Like my dad used to say, “Trust takes years to build and seconds to destroy.”


Many business people, especially executives in the C-suite, are inherently distrustful. This has been helpful for them because it has been a safeguard against poor business decisions and less than favorable partnerships.


Yet, if you are a leader of any sort — business, ministry, non-profit — your first priority is to gain the trust of those on your team and maintain that atmosphere by continually setting the tone of one who can be trusted. Here are some things you can begin today that will build trust with those on your team, your congregation, and anyone else you come into contact with.


Do you think you have the trust you need and want from your team? These next four days layout 8 simple and practical yet impactful ways you can lead in such a way that inspires trust and confidence from your team.


It starts with you! 

DAY 1 – Know Your People



Know them (and use them). People love to know that they are not invisible and that they are known. In a world that constantly promotes self-centered pursuits and relationship, you can be the one person who actually knows people by their name, uses it, and makes them feel noticed.



Ask how they are doing (and actually listen). What do people like to talk about most? Themselves. I’m sure you’ve been the victim of the check-and-walk — where someone asks you how you are and continues to walk away.


They didn't truly want to know how you are but were rather just saying hello. If you check-and-listen, you'll be one who stands out as a caring person in their lives. This will pay big dividends because not only will they feel heard and cared for, they will buy into you, and not merely your mission. After all, people want to know that you care before they care about what you know.



This week, if you don’t know someone’s name that you work with, find out what it is! Whether it’s sending them a note, or saying hello to them in the hallway, find a way to communicate that you remember it. If you already know everyone’s names, make a point of asking someone how they are doing.

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